Editions of Jeremias’s “The Parables of Jesus”

Recently, I found myself exasperated while trying to find the referent of a particular footnote which cited Joachim Jeremias’s The Parables of Jesus. The book has been published, revised, and translated so many times in both German and English that it can be infuriating trying to figure out which edition any given author is referring to.

Solution: compile a list of all the possible editions I can find information on! English translations are denoted in red text:

1st German ed. (1947)

2nd German ed. (1952)

3rd German ed. (1954)

1st English ed. (1954) [based on the 3rd German ed.]

4th German ed. (1956)

5th German ed. (1958)

6th German ed. (1962)

French ed. (1962) [based on the ?? German ed.]

Italian ed. (1962) [based on the ?? German ed.]

Revised (2nd) English ed. (1963) [based on the 6th German ed.]

7th German ed. (1965)

Abridged English ed.: Rediscovering the Parables (1966)

Dutch ed. (1968) [based on the ?? German ed.]

French paperback ed. (1968)

Japanese ed. (1969) [based on the ?? German ed.]

8th German ed. (1970)

Swedish ed. (1970) [based on the ?? German ed.]

Spanish ed. (1971) [based on the ?? German ed.]

2nd Revised (3rd) English ed. (1972) [based on the 8th German ed.]

**The 2nd Revised ed. was also published by SCM (only in the UK?) as the “Revised Study ed.” (1972), but it appears to be identical to the Scribner’s ed.

Portuguese ed. (1976) [based on the ?? German ed.]

I also found evidence of the following later German editions (see bit.ly/2mkdVTW), but I’m not clear on whether they’re just reprints or actual revisions (if you happen to know, please contact me so I can update my list):

9th German ed. (1977)

10th German ed. (1984)

11th German ed. (1998)

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Editions of Jeremias’s “The Parables of Jesus”

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